Wednesday, 19 November 2014


In this 21st century that we are living in, the world has changed into a global village instantly. Aiming to succeed in the field of technology it too cannot be denied that it has got this world in a state of insecurity. Where everything has its merits and demerits, so does science and technology.

Speaking of which where on one hand the defensive technology is aiming to touch the sky limitless, on the other hand it’s been used to illegally give harm to others. Where on one hand, they are used to put down criminals, on the other side they are being used to murder innocent ones on matters concerning day-to-day issues. To help exempt these problems and to use weapons on criminals only, the government has tried hard to focus on these issues. This is why certified companies aiming to provide security services are established.

These companies firstly guides and teach their candidates for proper handling of weapons. Secondly, they are taught at different levels to how to tackle with different situations. After examining their overall performance, they are hired by different companies for security services. Not just their performance skills, but their intelligence and their level of concentrations are also tested. These companies then provide security services at differing levels. From providing security guards to personal guards, they also aim to provide protocols too.

The more a person is ranked highly as a government official or an important personality they maybe, the more are the issues concerning their security. This is why the security services provide them with their best trainees aiming to help them give the best security services they possibly can. As in accordance with the International Codes of Conduct, these security officials must be educated and the security companies must be certified at the same time.

In this time that we are living in, what matters the most is Life which has certainly become the most insecure. Nobody has a right to take an innocent's life religiously and politically, but when it comes to taking innocent lives, that is when everything becomes legal and permissible in the eyes of religion and politics at the same time.

To conclude with, as technology is getting secured with the passage of time, the thing which is in danger and becoming the most insecure is Life! It’s time to think and take a step against the wrong doers.